Classy, breathtaking, one-of-a-kind photos, capturing your special day.

Congratulations! Finally, it's your big day!

Wedding – a celebration of a wonderful union between two beautiful souls and as such it is a very special event, one that you would like to remember and cherish for years to come. Wouldn’t you love those special moments documented in a unique way?

Would you be interested in having those stunning, flawless and classic photographs that make you look and feel special? I am a professional wedding photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, and I am here to capture those magical moments for you.


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I am not just a photographer, I am an artist, and I believe that photography is not just about a simple image imprinted on a paper. It's about showing that unique chemistry and love; it's about showcasing that special bond... the way you look at each other, smile, hold hands... It's just magical!

Considering how special this occasion would be for you, I love to book a one-on-one engagement session with the couple, where I listen keenly and attentively to your demands and I take everything into consideration to ensure that your pictures are one that you would love and adore for years to come. I love to create a special bond with the couple so that we can have a friendly and working relationship on your big day.

Honestly, I am not pleased to see with my eyes. I see the life and soul of an event through my heart and that's where I unleash that magical connection.



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I believe that documenting and saving your unique memories in a portrait is a perfect way to recall memories and also a great way to reminisce and look back on the old good days packed with love and happiness. A portrait is that one single picture that will speak a thousand words of love, bond, happiness and joy all in one portrait, all in one shot. When your wedding is on the horizon, you want to embrace and savor every second and save the memory for many years to come; how about capturing that special bonding on a portrait where all of the love and joy can be felt and immortalized?

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