The Photographer


Fueled with love and passion, Gabriel Hernandez has always been a story teller. He builds a tale of emotions, capturing the truth in each and every photograph he takes.

When you work with him, you will know he puts his heart and soul to capturing those special moments that make you feel special. Gabriel makes an effort to go beyond his client’s expectations. He’s a professional, and he enjoys what he does. He studied Journalism at City College of San Francisco. This was the first step on his path to building an artistic career, helping people capture beautiful moments. He soon realized that journalism didn’t have the depth of storytelling that he desired. He wanted to create something special, something that can unleash those powerful moments we spend with our loved ones.

With photographs, you’re given a vibrant and adventurous story full of emotion. When Gabriel discovered photo journalism, he was inspired. The imagery was magical, and he could pick up so much information about the people and scenery in the photo just from one simple shot. Photo journalism told stories about human life and events. So much could be expressed with one photo, and a string of them was even more powerful. To him, it was the most authentic form of art and creation. Gabriel changed his major to photography, and his trajectory to success began. His years of experience in photo journalism and documenting special events shows prominently in his work! He is an artist, and knows just the right time to snap a photo.

Gabriel understands his clients and knows how to time it perfectly for each person’s needs. Everyone’s taste is different, and he takes proper time to understand client's requirements. It may be uncomfortable working with a photographer you don’t know well; Gabriel has the natural ability to ease people’s minds and help them be themselves in front of the camera. He’s patient and will never push a family to act out of character. He captures natural beauty and everyone’s true personality shines out in his photographs. He helps unlock the heart of the event he’s photographing.

Bring your family together and celebrate all those magical moments together! Embrace who you are and capture that uniqueness with one-of-a-kind portraits. Pass down your treasured keepsakes so your special days can live on in everyone’s hearts. Trust Gabriel to provide you with outstanding photography services.

If you are interested in learning more about the different packages or rates, or if there's any other concern, please call (415) 871- 6363 to set up an appointment, or e-mail us at gnbeephotography@gmail.com